Automatic Vehicle Locating System (AVLS)

Get all of your fleet information linked and connected in real time

We understand that asset tracking is very challenging in recent world. Gussmann’s AVLS is an integration of GSM technology and GPS technology together into your digital and web-based Fleet Management System which will report your vehicle information wirelessly in a real-time basiswithout any rest.

Not only to track your vehicles but to have access to immediate, sourceful and secure information about your fleet at all times so that you are able to take control of your fleet at anytime from anywhere.


  • Maximize the productivity of your fleet team and lower the operating costs by eliminating unnecessary cost such as asset missing, extensive idling and unauthorized activity.
  • Improve vehicle utilization through eye on screen of monitoring. Track the precise location of every vehicle in fleet to have a better control on drivers, routes and delivery schedules.
  • Replay the historical data of vehicle with just a few simple clicks. Complete display of dates, times, locations and speeds.
  • Powerful automated reports. All are generated in an easy-to-read format, can be printed, saved and export as storage file which will definitely make a real impact on ROI by turning fleet data into useful and actionable information.
  • Event warning -Real-time alerts on any speeding, idling, power-cut, panic, ignition, hotspot event


You can track your vehicle LIVE status any time and any where..

Google maps

Lightning fast google maps to track your vehicle and displat trail on it..

Instant Alert Settings

Wanted to avoid truck/battery Lost ? Is your truck moving Over speed (Or) Is Idle fuel costs you more.?Here is the solution as our super accurate alerts.

Maintainance alerts

Keeping track of your vehicle Servicing details as well as Dates and Reminds you through SMS and Emails.

Polling system

Away from Internet, Just a single sms will give your vehicle's Live Location to your mobile..

Fuel Reports

Helps to keep record of your Refuel and Drop Information and enables you to cross check with Fuel Receipts...

Driver Behaviour

Having problem with your driver's harsh driving ? Wanted to review your driver's overall performance. Use our Driver Behaviour reports...

Admin DashBoard

Latest Dashboards with auto refresh Live Data on one screen..

Web Alerts

Can view instant alerts at the time when you LOGIN.. We are proud at our alerts.