Waste Management System (WMS)

We understand that waste management is a unique industry. Gussmann’s WMS is an integration of GSM and GPS technologies into the operation and monitoring of waste collection. Aside from basic fleet information, we are able to control and deliver information up to the extent of bin collection number as a proof of collection with the advancement technologies of Gussmann’s monitoring sensor. WMS allows user plan the collection route and schedule, assign and dispatch of driver according to route planned, monitor the collection progress against the planned routes, With all of the parameters set for evaluation and control, it will definitely assist waste collection party to optimize the collection operation through utilization of workforce productivity to complete more tasks at the minimum amount of resources.

  • Bin collection module
  • Route fencing and monitoring
  • PTO Monitoring System
  • Detection of the power taking from a power source
  • Hydraulic pump, raising and lowering a dump truck bed
  • Powering a blower system
  • Operating the mechanical arm / system
  • Operating a winch on a truck
  • Operating the compactor on garbage truck
  • Pump for loading and unloading liquids / material from and to a truck
  • Activating compressors for unloading dry bulk


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