Reservoir Management System

Telemetry is monitering of wireless transmission and reception of measured quantities

Telemetry is a technology that allows the remote measurement and reporting of information of interest to the system designer or operator. The word is derived from Greek roots tele = remote, and metron = measure. Systems that need instructions and data sent to them in order to operate require the counterpart of telemetry, telecommand.

Telemetry typically refers to wireless communications (i.e. using a radio system to implement the data link), but can also refer to data transferred over other media, such as a telephone or computer network or via an optical link.


  • Oil and Gas remote instrumentation monitoring, (offshore platforms, onshore oilwells)
  • Networks of remote pump stations (wastewater collection, or for water supply).
  • Hydro-graphic monitoring and control, (water supply, reservoirs, sewerage systems).
  • Environmental monitoring systems (pollution, air quality, emissions monitoring).
  • Minesite monitoring applications.
  • Protection supervision and data logging of Power transmission network.


Monitoring the Water Level, Water Flow Rate, Quality of Water ( PH,Chlorine,Turbidity,Fluoride)


Veiw the Graphical Representation all Measurements


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Polling from system

Away from Internet, Just a single sms will give your mesuring value to your mobile


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