SILO Management System

Silo Management system

Silo Management System is a Web Based Real Time Silo Monitoring System. Silo Management System helps to monitor silo storage in real time. There are two types of sensors are using in the system, Electromechanical Sensor and Contactless Sensor.

For Electromechanical Sensor, it will do a pulse counter from the top till touching down the cement and convert pulse counter into tonnage.

Contactless Sensor which is measuring through wave travel time, by calculating the required time of the wave to be reflected from the surface.

Technical Support

Hardware technical support with experienced engineers.


Hardware and software are customizable based upon users' requirements.

Wireless Architecture

Maximizing performance while minimixing cable maintenance costs.


Web-based remote monitoring ease of daily operations.


Various type of helpful reports for techical, operations, and financial departments.


Notification alerts will be sent to user's registered email and SMS.