Haulage Management System

We provide true visibility and transparency to the transport chain through HMS.

HMS is a Client and Server system, which takes care of the complete workflow of any haulage company. It facilitates a complete system of Customer, Location, Container, Prime Mover and Trailer Details from the time of the client requests for haulage service, generating the customer delivery advice, issuing gate pass and precise instructions to the drivers of the prime-mover. The comprehensive database design of HMS enables the logistics company to maintain the details of all the assets deployment including service triggers to ensure proper maintenance.


Haulage Management System (HMS)
dedicated for container haulage trucking.


Transport Management System (TMS)
Dedicated for various non-container trucking. Suitable for tanker transportations, general cargo or distrubution transport.


Fleet Maintenance Management (FMM)
Dedicated for managing difficult task of maintenance. Eg: inspections, permit renewals scheduling, M&R.


Forwarding Agent Application
Allows transporter performing customs brokerage/forwarding activities to fully integrate with their internal transportation division..


fully integrated to HMS/TMS
Fowarding Applications and Maintenance Module Applications.

No Human Involved

Reduction in the required man power to manage operations.