Fleet Maintenance Module (FMM)

Keep your fleet healthy and strong

We understand that all of the fleet maintenance operations are unique. Gussmann’s FMM is flexible and customizable. We have specialists in place to allow you to customize / tailor make your own maintenance system that suit your need and operation. FMM will take control of your entire fleet maintenance activities to minimize maintenance cost and truck downtime also away from any breakdown event

Maximising your fleet’s uptime, efficiency and overall useful life of your fleets

Full track of your servicing records paperless. Manage the fleet maintenance needs by due scheduling reminders and getting automatic alerts / reminders when your trucks are due / need for service.

  • Historical records on all of the maintenance activity. Track on every single part and cost spent on maintenance and services
  • Document renewal – puspakom inspection and road-tax expiry date
  • Plan ahead on all of your maintenance activity and have a proper traffic control on your servicing bay.
  • Dedicated to manage the difficult task of managing fleet maintenance lik inspections, permit renewals scheduling, M&R (Maintenance & Repair), ad hoc or scheduled work orders, vendors invoices and parts management.

  • Smartfleet

    You can track your vehicle LIVE status any time and any where..

    Google maps

    Lightning fast google maps to track your vehicle and displat trail on it..

    Instant Alert Settings

    Wanted to avoid truck/battery Lost ? Is your truck moving Over speed (Or) Is Idle fuel costs you more.?Here is the solution as our super accurate alerts.

    Maintainance alerts

    Keeping track of your vehicle Servicing details as well as Dates and Reminds you through SMS and Emails.

    Polling system

    Away from Internet, Just a single sms will give your vehicle's Live Location to your mobile..

    Fuel Reports

    Helps to keep record of your Refuel and Drop Information and enables you to cross check with Fuel Receipts...

    Driver Behaviour

    Having problem with your driver's harsh driving ? Wanted to review your driver's overall performance. Use our Driver Behaviour reports...

    Admin DashBoard

    Latest Dashboards with auto refresh Live Data on one screen..

    Web Alerts

    Can view instant alerts at the time when you LOGIN.. We are proud at our alerts.