Driver Behaviour Monitoring System

Driver ID System

  • Simplify the tracking and monitoring process of driver who is driving on a particular truck
  • Greater insight about driver in a particular vehicle at a real time basis
  • Linkage of BI reports to a driver
  • Enhance operational visibility
  • Better information and prevent unauthorised and illegal driving
  • Which driver is driving a vehicle at all time
  • Driver attendance
  • Driver scoring system – create profile and responsibility to driver even when drivers change vehicles
  • Clear visibility into individual driving habits and rank drivers with scores
  • Shift your focus from recruiting to retention of good drivers


Driver behaviour maintenance cost, fuel consumption insurance claim. Identify poor driving behaviour by monitoring drivers in relation to past performance.
Identify poor driving behaviour by monitoring drivers in relation to their past performance. Idling, Overspeeding, Harsh Braking
Live traffic condition, live track, history of travelling path.

Satellite view

Get valuable insight on map location with most current and comprehensive satellite image and street view.
Simplify management cost of even large fleets and see critical fleet data on screen.


You can track your vehicle LIVE status any time and any where..

Google maps

Lightning fast google maps to track your vehicle and displat trail on it..

Instant Alert Settings

Wanted to avoid truck/battery Lost ? Is your truck moving Over speed (Or) Is Idle fuel costs you more.?Here is the solution as our super accurate alerts.

Maintainance alerts

Keeping track of your vehicle Servicing details as well as Dates and Reminds you through SMS and Emails.

Polling system

Away from Internet, Just a single sms will give your vehicle's Live Location to your mobile..

Fuel Reports

Helps to keep record of your Refuel and Drop Information and enables you to cross check with Fuel Receipts...

Driver Behaviour

Having problem with your driver's harsh driving ? Wanted to review your driver's overall performance. Use our Driver Behaviour reports...

Admin DashBoard

Latest Dashboards with auto refresh Live Data on one screen..

Web Alerts

Can view instant alerts at the time when you LOGIN.. We are proud at our alerts.